What are the types of agriculture marketing?

Agricultural marketing includes the marketing of food grains, cash crops, plantation crops, horticultural products and semi-processed products. Everything you need to know about agricultural marketing. The general market is a market where all types of basic products are bought and sold, such as cereals, oilseeds, fibrous crops, gurs, etc. These markets offer a wide range of products.

The market for agricultural products can be broadly divided into three categories. As a generalization, it has been concluded that agricultural and food marketing boards have not achieved the expected results in developing countries. Establishment of a regulated market: many defects in agricultural marketing and the bad practices of intermediaries can be eliminated by establishing regulated markets. The promotion of agricultural exports is important to create conditions that make it possible to offer remunerative prices for agricultural products.

Storage and storage facilities: It is necessary to increase storage and storage facilities to eliminate defects in agricultural marketing. In the United States, the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) is a division of the USDA and has programs that offer testing, support standardization and classification, and provide market news services. Therefore, it is imperative to develop concrete strategies to make Indian agriculture competitive and improve its efficiency. A cooperative marketing society brings agricultural products directly to consumers, thus eliminating a large army of intermediaries and intermediaries.

Wholesalers can take the agricultural products they bought from farmers to rice mills, flour mills and processing units; after processing the product, they can now be ready for consumption. Development of cooperative marketing: The development of cooperative marketing eliminates the defects of agricultural marketing. It would be an exaggeration to suggest that a manufacturer can turn production on and off to meet demand (they also have their limitations), but they have more alternatives than the agricultural producer. D) Depending on the marketing functions it performs, agricultural markets can be classified into assembly, wholesale and distribution markets.

The two types of markets are very different from each other and, therefore, so are the operations of the boards that serve them. Since agricultural products marketed by farmers are found on raw farms, they need to be further processed to reach the consumable form. According to Abbott, successful indigenous private companies, in the agricultural sector, have several distinctive characteristics. Improvement of transport facilities: for the proper marketing of agricultural products, it is very important to have adequate and adequate transport facilities.

Kohls and Uhl6 have classified the functions involved in agricultural and food marketing processes into three sets of functions of a marketing system.

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